Erasmus+ SecTech

Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership SecTech

Innovation and Excellence in Cyber-security teaching in Higher Education

The complexity of today's digital world implies there is no single solution to IT-Security problems, only the combination of a set of techniques and measures could allow the provision a comprehensive cyber-security. Luckily, expertise in some of the core facets of the domain are scattered around research and academic institutions throughout Europe. Thus, a Strategic Cooperation amongst some of those leading European Organization and research groups, some of which make up this consortium, can result in joint cyber-security curriculum and environment that will bring more excellence in the cyber-security education in HE and positively contribute to the EU strategical reform on modernisation and opening up of the education system. With respect to the EU strategy in modernising the higher education system which was established in 2013 , the implementation of the SecTech will result in generations of highly proficient cyber-security students mentored by some of the best experts in the field who will ultimately be groomed by the industry given the intrinsic link that will be drawn between the cyber-security market needs and the focus of SecTech curriculum. Another consequence of the improved quality of the cyber-security teaching would be the attraction of highly skilled international students, researchers and teachers within centres for cyber-security teaching and awareness competence put in place in each of the participating institutions. Besides, the cross-border cooperation within the context of SecTech will add an element of mobility for some of the students, embolden them with professional, social and inter-cultural skills and employability across Europe. With respect to the EU strategy on opening up with education system put in place in 2011, SecTech will resort to innovative teaching means such as the use of an interactive and collaborative platform for each involved institutions to remotely deliver content of the curriculum to students as effectively as if they were in the same space. In that respect of the core endeavours within SecTech would be the identification (and potentially adaptation) of a suitable platform amongst the educational materials produced with public funding, such as Erasmus+, or available at some of the participating institution. In sum, while the actual joint cyber-security curriculum will help enhance the understanding of cyber-security challenges and embolden students (Masters and PhD students) with knowledge required by businesses and in parallel prepare them to face up to cyber-security concerns in their daily social life, the establishment of centres for cyber-security teaching and awareness competence in specific areas of cyber-security within each consortium member institution will be a quality strengthening factor that could not be achieved without a cross-border cooperation between the involved institutions and the exchange of good practices. SecTech is a EU Erasmus+ funded project with the grant agreement number 2016-1-LU01-KA203-013834.


Organization Country
Luembourg Institute of Science and Technology (Coordinator) Luembourg
University of Oulu Finland
University of Regensburg Germany
KU Leuven Belgium
Norwegian University of Science and Technology Norway
University of Plymouth United Kingdom
University of Vienna Austria


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